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    New Mexico Department of Veterans Services
    New Mexico Veterans

    US Department of Veterans Affairs

    VA Hospital Albuquerque
    VA Hospital

    National Cemetery Santa Fe

    NM Veterans Memorial
    Vets Memorial

Mission & Purpose

        The PURPOSE of the organization is to promote the welfare and quality of life of our veterans, their families, and survivors through a collective effort. 

Our MISSION is to:

  • Support the protection of veterans' benefits, entitlements, and priveleges.
  • Support legislation (local, state and/or federal) intended to enhance or protect veterans' benefits & entitlements and/or oppose action that threatens or reduces the same.
  • Support legislation that demonstrates concern for our veterans, their families, and survivors without regard to party or political affiliation.
  • Encourage the exchange of information between veterans' organizations regarding benefits & entitlements, available services, upcoming events and other subjects of interest to the veterans' organizations.
  • Provide a forum for non-members (e.g. VA, New Mexico Department of Veterans' Services) to educate and inform members of veterans issues.
  • Support the New Mexico Veterans's Memorial.

For more information on the UVC see our ByLaws 2017.